01/10/2017 Netsuite Certification

In January 2017 I obtained my Netsuite SuiteScript 2.0: Extend NetSuite with JavaScript certification
I completed the course to get a better graps on SuiteScripting.
It was not difficult and expanded upon my recently learned Java Script knowledge.
I have been using my new knowledge to modify our NetSuite enviornment.

02/01/2016 - 07/01/2016 Custom C# Data Conversion

From February to July 2016 I worked on a Data Conversion Project for a company.
In order to help them format all of their data from their old DMBS to the one
new one they had been preparing to convert over to.
I made several CSV conversion programs that met each of the new tables needs.
I made a total of 8 individual programs.
The programs included tasks such as:

  1. Removing duplicate records
  2. Removing unecessary quotation marks within .CSV files
  3. Dealing with redundant customer records with multiple addresses
  4. Reformating and mapping existing records to fit the new DBMs style
The programs split the old data CSV files, reads them into buffers, sets the mapping
of the old data to the new DBMS's table format and then prints all of the data
back out into a fresh new CSV file ready to be imported into the new DBMS.

10/01/2015 - 02/20/2016 Custom SQL Report Writing

From October 2015 to February 2016 I did Custom SQL Report Writing for a company.
The reports I have made include:

  1. BOM Build Times
  2. Compare Customer Purchases by Date
  3. Part Allocation
  4. Sales By Count
  5. Shipping Price Difference
  6. Sales Order Informatio by ZIP Code
The reports I have designed, coded and built utilize concepts such as:
  1. Data Manipulation
  2. Large Scale Data Sizes
  3. Complex Queries
  4. Derived Tables
  5. Sub-Queries
  6. Sub-Reports
I have used iReport to build these reports. It uses Java and .jasper files to build
and compile the reports. It uses SQL to build the queries and define the logic.

05/06/2014 - 09/14/2014 Publish DataTool Android Application

From May 2014 to September 2014 I started learning how to do mobile application
development. During the time I programmed and published my first app- DataTool
onto the Google Play Store. DataTool came about as an idea for an entry level
application because it fixed a need I had while taking my first logic course
in college. The hardest part was doing binary conversions. So to fix the issue
I created a fully client side decimal to binary calculator. The app is not perfect
but it was a great entry into the market and a great place for me to start.
I learned a ton from this project and it fuels my desire now to make a mobile
top-down '16-bit' RPG game.
The application utilizes many functions that include:

  1. User Input
  2. Button Usage
  3. Swipe Functions
  4. Basic Android Library Usage

If you would like to check the application out please feel free! It has a
5-Star Rating and has excellent reviews as well.
Just simply click the link below to take you to my Google Developer Page!